“Green”Therapy Bring the Benefits of the Outdoors Indoors!   The benefits of indoor landscaping goes far beyond the aesthetic. Not only do household plants provide a pleasant and appealing environment, they can also reduce stress, purify your air and uplift your mood. There is general agreement amongst scientists that plants improve the indoor environment. Get healthy, go green.   To Plant a Tree is to Believe in Tomorrow   Five Healthy Green Plants:   (1) Lavender–This popular plant that has been used as an aromatherapy agent for centuries. A Mediterranean floral beauty which may have a soothing and calming effect therefore encouraging relaxation and reducing stress. (2)  Violets–Leaves and other parts of the plants act as natural filters to catch allergens and other airborne particles. (3) Herbs–Fresh herbs are great for cooking; they enhance or add food flavors and color to your favorite meals. Some may have health benefits such as digestive aids and anti-inflammatories. (4) Asparagus Fern, English Ivy & Dragon Tree–Can soak up volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by household products acting like an indoor air purifier. (5)  Spider Plants–One study found a collection of spider plants in a room boosted the relative humidity from 20% to a more comfortable 30%. Humidity reduces the chance of colds, flus, and itchy dry skin.   If keeping a clean, non-toxic green home is a priority, Maid Green Made Clean Since 2006® is your answer. We offer an alternative to the traditional method used to clean your home/office. A style of cleaning that reduces the use of (VOC’s) Volatile Organic Compounds using only biodegradable, naturally found products to clean.We clean for health first and appearance second, without compromise. Call Maid Green Made Clean Since 2006® today to schedule your cleaning service.